Order Your Holiday Desserts For Delivery


Double crust Apple Pie made with local apples from the Hudson Valley and our Pâte Brisèe crust. $39

Bourbon Pecan Pie Made with a little bourbon, butter, and toasted pecans. $37

Classic Pumpkin Pie made from scratch with our Pâte Brisèe with a beautiful leaf border. $37


Specialty Desserts

Tarte Tatin a classic French favorite made with local apples dripping in caramel on top of our buttery Pâte Brisèe. Oh la la

Chestnut Layer Cake roasted chestnuts and a touch of buttery rum go into flavoring the delicate sponge cake layers and some of the rich chocolate frosting. The finished cake is then given the feel of a magical forest with whimsical Marzipan Mushrooms and Candied Rosemary Sprigs. Serves 15-16,$155

Orange-Walnut Bûche de Noël a classic French holiday treat made with a Walnut Sponge Cake filled with a Orange Mascarpone Filling and covered in Chocolate Bark surrounded by Meringue Mushooms and Candied Rosemary Sprigs. Serves 10-12, $165

Holiday Cookies and French Macaron

Gingerbread Men mixed with an assortment of Snowflake Sugar Cookies decorated with royal icing. $27 per dozen.

French Macarons We added Pumpkin and Maple to our fall flavors for a limited time. $30 per dozen.
-Raspberry Rose


Delivery in Kingston is free, please inquire about surrounding areas. No minimum order during the holidays until January 1st 2020.


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